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There is nothing happier for a mother than when she holds a baby after delivery. The birth process is delicate, and it sometimes can come with complications. Several factors can cause complications, and that can make the baby suffer from the consequences or later in life. The complications during birth can bring severe impacts to the mother and the child. There is a complication known as brachial prexus injury. It is also called New York Erbs palsy attorney, which is also closely related to shoulder dystocia. Its effects can be hazardous to the mother and the child. It happens when the shoulders of the baby get trapped during delivery. The shoulder is commonly stuck behind the pubic bone making the baby unable to leave the birth canal.

Another common complication during birth is when the baby’s head is delivered successfully, but the body gets stuck in the birth canal. During this time, the nurses in the delivery ward might try to apply force to pull out the baby while the shoulder is stuck. If excessive force is used, the nerve roots within the spinal cord that connect to the shoulder and arms may get strained and bruised. If such damages are recorded during birth, you can seek compensation with the assistance of the New York birth injury attorneys.

The effects of the above-described damages might end up, resulting in severe injuries and consequences to the baby. The children may end up suffering from a paralyzed arm, lack of sensation or control on the affected arm. Some lack movement by the elbow and the limb may fail to get better as the child grows. The child might also suffer from the Horner’ syndrome. When you notice such conditions affecting your child, the best thing is to step up and seek justice through the legal process. Your child deserves to be compensated.

We are a group of birth complication attorneys who are there to assist clients who have suffered from medical malpractices. Our attorneys have a vast experience in the field, and they have helped many clients get decent compensation. Make sure that you inform us early so that we can collect and protect the available evidence from the attending medical personnel. We have had a great history of successful client representation and ensure that their interest is backed up by the decision in the court of law. Ensure that you contact us and be assured of immediate action to sue those responsible for birth process complications. Get to know more about this service.

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